This is the blog of BuzzSumo, a platform for content marketing and SEO agencies to discover engaging content and outreach opportunities. Want to discover what content people want to engage with? The influencers that can amplify your content? Give BuzzSumo a try. It’s free during our beta period. It is being¬†developed by 2 software developers and marketing geeks: James¬†and Henley.

This blog will be about 3 things:

1) Startups – We’re students of the Lean Startup methodology will use this blog to document our experiences with it. There will also be posts on how to do growth hacking, and attract your first few customers when you’re a startup.

2) Inbound marketing – We’ll talk about organic ways to build customers and visitors. And don’t expect to read any fluff in this blog. It gets on our nerves to hear people tell you to “start a blog” or “have a presence on facebook and twitter”. Those things are obvious, and we plan to go beyond these simple strategies.

3) Influencer marketing – Building relationships is the new link building, and we plan to use this blog to talk about ways to find these influencers, build these relationships, and provide value to people. The age of begging people for links are gone.