Analyze Facebook Pages or Analyze Facebook Posts


BuzzSumo helps you to analyze a Facebook page or posts. With BuzzSumo you can research, amplify and monitor content on Facebook.

Discover the most successful content on Facebook by analyzing the topic, headline and format and for a specific page. You can reshare the best content in your area to increase engagement, be inspired to create great content and understand what formats work best. You can also analyze Facebook pages to find the best days and times to post for any topic.

Simply start by typing a topic to review the most engaging content for the last 6 months or the last 24 hours. Choose the time period for  your Facebook Analysis on the left.

Analyze a Facebook Page topic


BuzzSumo’s Facebook analysis tool will show you the posts which have received the most likes, comments, and shares as well as total interactions.

You can switch to analysis view for a quick look at the most successful types of posts for your topic and other data such as the interaction trends, best days and times to post, most engaging formats and much more.

Analyze a Facebook Page in depth


Analysis view also offers deeper insights into the Estimated Total Monthly Interactions for your topic.

Estimated Total Monthly Interactions for analysis of Facebook page


Analyze a Facebook page to find average engagement by post type and length.

analyze a Facebook page to find Average Engagement by Post Type and Length


Analyze a Facebook page to find average engagement levels based on day of the week and time posted.

Engagement by day posted

Engagement by Time Posted

Use the Facebook Analyzer to find Estimated Average Monthly Interactions.

Estimated Average Interactions

You can also analyze the performance of your own or competitors’ Facebook pages.

Engagement by page

List view allows you to sort analyze Facebook posts, sorting them by type of engagement–likes, comments, or shares, or total engagement. You can also use the tool to find the type of Facebook post that performs best — image, video, question, giveaway, etc. List View 1

Several different filters are available for use in analyzing either Facebook posts or Facebook pages.

Filter by time and language

Filter by time and language

Filter by type of post

Filter by type of post

The tool also offers the option to analyze the best-performing content by headline.

Analyze by headline

Analyze Facebook performance with BuzzSumo