How To Create Lists for Twitter Tailored Audiences Ads

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twitter adsWouldn’t it be great if you could make sure your Twitter ads or outreach programmes were laser focused on tailored audiences of people that like to share your content and share news about your product. Well now you can with BuzzSumo’s latest tools. We set out below how you can create a tailored list of Twitter users that share content about your product.

Twitter’s Tailored Audiences Program

Earlier this year Twitter provided marketers with new tools to build targeted advertising lists with its Tailored Audiences program. Tailored Audiences was launched in 2013 allowing marketers to target ads to their website visitors who also use Twitter.  Earlier this year Twitter expanded this program and now allow marketers to promote ads to audiences based on either:

  • email addresses from their own CRM system or

  • lists of twitter IDs or names

In the first option Twitter matches the emails —in a secure way to protect privacy —and deliver ads to these customers. The limitation with CRM integrations are is they only work when the user email in your CRM is the same email they use on Twitter. Also this approach only targets people already in your CRM system.

The second approach is create tailored audiences using lists of Twitter IDs—either usernames or user IDs.  Advertisers can build lists based on information from user bios, follower counts, verified status, or past Tweets pulled from Twitter or by using Twitter’s API or Certified Products. They can then create sponsored Tweet campaigns aimed specifically at these select users.The challenge with this second approach is to build a list of targeted Twitter IDs.

Build a Tailored Audience of People Who Share Your Content

One way to build a list of people who are receptive to your content is to search for the Twitter users that have previously shared your content or content about your product. We have made this easy for you with BuzzSumo.

For example, say we are Sony and want to build a target list of people around their Project Morpheus. We can search for the most shared content about Project Morpheus in the last month. The three most shared articles were as follows.
Screenshot 2015-08-12 at 17.49.13

If we now click ‘view sharers’ for the first article we get a list of 3,000 of the most influential people that shared this article on Twitter which we can export to Excel or a CSV file.

If we view the sharers of the second article we get a further list of 1,600 sharers and their Twitter IDs. We can add these to the first set of data and remove any duplicates. We now have a list of people that we know are interested in Project Morpheus.

We can re-sort and filter these lists using data provided by BuzzSumo such as the number of followers or retweet ratio. Using these filters we can further refine our list as we need. Once we are happy we can provide our list to Twitter’s tailored audiences program in order to target promoted tweets to our list of receptive users. We can also use the list for outreach work.