Find an Author’s Most Shared Content

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Authors are becoming increasingly important on the internet following the introduction of Google authorship, which links content to the author of that content. In search results the author’s picture is shown alongside their content and as the author’s authority increases so their content will perform better.

With BuzzSumo you can find the most popular content created by a specific author. You can do this in two ways.

1) Search for content by topic or domain, then filter by author

If you undertake a topic search on BuzzSumo you will get a list of results. For example below is a list of results for a search on content marketing.

buzzsumo author search


As highlighted BuzzSumo pulls through author information where it is available. If you are interested in a particular author you can click on the author’s name to find their most shared content. If we click on Eric Enge here we can see his most shared content as follows:

eric enge most shared content

You can see the full list of results here.

2) Search for an Author

You can undertake an author search in the search field using the author parameter as follows “author:steve rayson”

This will bring back the results as follows:


buzzsumo author search steve rayson


If an author’s name is common you may pick up a number of authors in the search. For example, there is a Steve Rayson in a Canadian fire department. To narrow the author search results you can use other search operators such as a minus. For example “Author:steve rayson -fire” will help filter out the other person.