How to find influencers on LinkedIn using BuzzSumo

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There are two primary ways to identify people and sites that are well-positioned to help promote your content on LinkedIn.

For content published on

  • In the content research tab, use Most Shared to find the content on in your topic area that has gotten the highest number of shares.
  • Then, in Content Analysis, select Top Authors to identify the people whose Linkedin Pulse posts have gotten the highest number of shares or the highest average shares.

Top authors are influencers in their field, especially if they publish frequently on the same topics or topics.

Using BuzzSumo for LinkedIn Influencers

Top authors on LinkedIn


For content published outside of LinkedIn.

Use content analysis reports to find the websites whose content gets the most shares on LinkedIn for your topic.

Most shared domains have mature distribution networks in place, partnering with them to create content can increase the reach of your co-created content. Being associated with these influential sites also raises your profile as an influencer.

Content Analysis

Most shared domains on linkedin