Find Influencers with High Authority Blogs.

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BuzzSumo makes it very easy to find relevant influencers with high authority blogs.

This is incredibly useful if you’re doing blogger outreach to build links, relationships, gather feedback, promote your business or own content.


Step 1) Run a BuzzSumo Influencer Search


Let’s run a simple Influencer Search on BuzzSumo for a topic that’s relevant to you. Navigate to the BuzzSumo App and then click ‘Influencers’ in the top navigation bar.

For this example, we’ll pretend we’re looking for influencers who write for top travel blogs, specifically those focusing on Asia.

 Screenshot 2014-04-08 10.42.35

This will return a list of influencers, sorted by relevancy. You’ll notice probably spot a few potential bloggers straight away, but we can do better!


Step 2) Filter Results to Find Bloggers


Screenshot 2014-04-08 10.55.20

On the left of the Influencer search page, you’ll see there are some filters. We just want to check one of these, bloggers. This will remove the other influencers that probably don’t have a blog.

We’ll also go ahead and check ‘Ignore Broadcasters’ so we exclude users that rarely reply to Tweets. This is optional, but will probably make outreach over Twitter more productive.

You’ll notice that we’ve now got a great selection of travel bloggers, relevant to our topic. Also notice the URL under their name. This is the site we’re interested in, taken from their Twitter bio. So below we’ve got,, and many more that all look like great, high quality blogs.


Screenshot 2014-04-08 11.00.58

Step 3) Finding the High Authority Blogs


As you can see, we’ve already got a great list of bloggers, but we’re only interested in High Authority blogs. That is, blogs that have a lot of other important sites linking to them. These blogs probably get a lot of traffic as a result and will be a great place to be featured on, get a link from.

Next to each result, you’ll see there’s several columns. We’re interested in two, Page Authority (provided by and PageRank (from Google). Page Authority is on a scale of 0-100 and Page Rank is from 0-10. In both cases, the higher the number, the more authoritative the blog is. We’d recommend you focus mainly on Page Authority as it’s updated more frequently.

Instantly, you can see which blogs have a high authority. This allows you to focus your efforts on the sites and bloggers that really matter.


You can sort by any column by clicking on it’s header. So try sorting the results by Page Authority or Page Rank to see the highest at the top. You might find that the very highest are often a little less relevant and probably harder to contact as they’ll receive tons of requests. So in most cases we’d recommend scrolling down a little, or checking the second page.


If there’s lots of results, you can export them into a CSV or Excel file. Then you can sort, filter and edit as you please!

Saving the Search

After all that, it’s nice to be able to come back to the search at any time. This is easy in BuzzSumo, just hit the ‘Save’ button and give the search a name. Then you can reload it easily, with all the filters saved.