Find Links Shared by Multiple Influencers

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With BuzzSumo it is really easy to find the links that a group of influencers have shared on Twitter. There is also a search feature where you can see the links shared by the top ten influencers in any topic area. So let’s have a quick look at how you can see what  influencers are sharing with BuzzSumo.

See Links Shared by a Group of Influencers

The syntax is shared:@twitter-name.

For example: Links shared by Hubspot, Moz and BuzzSumo.

This will show you any links shared by one or more of the influencers. Your can search for multiple Twitter usernames simply by adding a comma after each one. There’s a limit of 10 at a time.


See Links Shared by all Influencers

The syntax is shared_all:@twitter-name.

For example: Links shared by both @randfish and @moz

Screenshot 2014-07-10 12.12.32




This allows you to see the links that a set of influencers have all shared. In this case it will find links that both @randfish and @moz have shared. For instance you could find that links that both yourself, and a influencer you’re targeting has shared to find common ground.


See Links Shared by Top Ten Influencers in any Topic Area

There is a link on the Influencer search that allows you to view the links shared by the top 10 influencers for that search. You’ll find it conveniently located just under the search bar:

See Links Shared by an Individual Influencer

You can also do a more detailed analysis of links shared by a specific influencer. Just click ‘view links shared’ next to an influencer’s profile.

links shared


This will bring up an analysis of their most shared links. You can view as a list of links or as a chart, such as the one below.

shared links