Identify the Influencers Who Love Your Content

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So you have created, published and promoted your content and now it is beginning to get shared across social networks. You can check on how well it is being shared across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ using BuzzSumo, just enter your domain into the search box. With BuzzSumo you can not only see popular posts but who contributed to its popularity by sharing it.

Identifying the people who love your content and share it with their networks is easy. All you have to do is click the “View Sharers” button next to your popular content.




BuzzSumo will then provide you with a list of influential sharers, it is not an exhaustive list of everyone that shared the article, but a sampling of people who shared this article 2-3 days after it was published.  In most cases, this usually covers a large percentage of the sharers. BuzzSumo will provide for each of your sharers:


  • Page authority

  • Page rank

  • Number of followers

  • Retweet ration

  • Reply ratio

  • Average retweets


If you have a lot of sharers you can resort by any of these factors. You might want to sort by potential reach such as number of followers or by engagement such as the reply ratio, retweet ratio or average retweets they get. This latter factor may increase the chances of content amplification.

Using these filters you can identify the influencers that already share your content that you want to engage with. BuzzSumo will identify if you are following the user and give you the option to follow them directly.




By clicking the icon you can also tweet to the user or add them to a Twitter list.

Content Links Shared by your Sharers

Using BuzzSumo’s “View Links Shared”, you can obtain a better understanding of the content they share with their networks.




Above you can see the most recent links a user has shared, this goes back 6-8 months. Thus you can see what type of content they love to share. It may be focused on a particular niche or it may reveal  wider interests.

As well as  the most recently shared links, you can also see the content domains he or she commonly shares. You can do so by clicking on the “Analyze Links” tab. This provides a list, sorted by frequency, of all the domains this influencer has shared. There is also a pie chart that gives you a quick visual view. With this data, you can start to see what influences that influencer and potential sources to review or to place your content.