Searching Backlink Data With BuzzSumo

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Understanding content amplification is a key feature of BuzzSumo. Content can be amplified in a number of ways such as by individuals who share content and by the sites that link to the content. In the same way you can see who is sharing content with BuzzSumo you can also see who is linking to content.

Backlinks remain an important element in determining the importance and relevant of content on the internet. The number and quality of backlinks provides an indication to search engines, such as Google, of the importance of websites. If a website has a high number of quality backlinks it may be considered more relevant than others in the results pages for a search query. By understanding backlinks you can understand why sites may rank higher in search results but more importantly identify backlink opportunities for your own sites.

Viewing Backlinks for Domains

In BuzzSumo Pro when you undertake a domain search you have a number of options to review backlink data. The results page provides two ways to review backlink data.

backlinks buzzsumo


1) You can click on the backlinks tab to see all the backlinks for the domain.

2) You can see all of the backlinks for a specific article by clicking on the ‘view backlinks’ button next to the article.

Analyzing Backlink Data For a Domain

Once you click the ‘backlinks’ tab for a domain BuzzSumo will gather all of the backlink data for you, be patient it can take a minute or two, and then display the results as follows:

buzzsumo backlinks results

In essence BuzzSumo will list all of the backlinks for you. These will be ordered by the number of times the page linking to the domain was shared. You can resort the backlinks, for example by the most shared backlink pages on LinkedIn or Facebook.

The results will show you the number of root domains and the total results per domain.

Links to Domain or URL

You can run a backlinks analysis for a domain or a specific URL. You can change the target from ‘Links to Domain’ to ‘Links to Page’



Results Per Domain

By default a BuzzSumo backlinks analysis will show you all the articles from a domain that link to the article or domain you are analyzing. You can filter the results so that you only see one result from each domain, which will be the most shared page from that domain. Just click the results per domain filter and choose ‘one result per domain’.


Filter Backlinks by Time Period

One of the useful things you can do in BuzzSumo is filter backlink results by time period. Thus for example you can search for the backlinks gained by a domain in the last month and analyze these new backlinks.


Export Results For Further Analysis

You can export all of your backlink results from BuzzSumo for further analysis. The export data provides more details such as the date the page was published and the format such as infographic or article.

backlinks export data


Backlinks data is a key part of understanding content amplification, relevance and importance. Using the backlinks analysis in BuzzSumo Pro you can see who is linking to content, you can see how popular this content is in terms of social shares, and analyze for recent backlinks gained. This will help you in developing your own strategy for acquiring and achieving relevant backlinks.