Set Up Alerts To Track Competitors

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In addition to searching for your competitor’s most shared content using a top content search, you can also track your competitors by setting up content alerts in BuzzSumo Pro. These will keep you updated on what your competitor is publishing, who is mentioning them in their articles and who is linking to their content.

There are three alerts you want to set up as follows:

1) Competitor Domain Alert

Setting up a competitor domain alert is straightforward, just go to content alerts, click on ‘create new alert’ and choose the domain alert.

competitor domain alert


You can type in the competitor domain you want to track and you will then receive alerts when they publish new content. You can decide to have a real time alert or a daily digest. If your competitor publishes infrequently, say less than twice a day, you can choose a real time alert.

You can filter alerts by the number of shares but if you are monitoring competitors you will probably want to know immediately they publish new content, thus set the shares to zero.

2) Competitor Brand Alert

A competitor brand alert will notify you when your competitor is mentioned in content published anywhere on the web. This can be very helpful to track the volume of mentions they are getting but also to see who is mentioning them and in what context. It can help you identify people to engage with or even to participate in discussions, for example if a post is recommending a tool or discussing a topic you might want to join in the discussion.

To set up a competitor brand alert, simply choose the keyword alert option which will bring up the options below. You just need to enter your competitor name into the keyword box to receive alerts when new content is published mentioning them.

Note: If your competitor name is not unique you should use advanced search options highlighted below to refine your search such as excluding or including other keywords. You can also refine your search by deciding if you want alerts when the keyword is mentioned anywhere in the article or just in the title or topic. If a keyword is not unique then searching the full article text can result in many irrelevant alerts.

keyword alert


For competitor brand alerts you can choose to receive real time content alerts or a daily digest. We would suggest you start with setting the minimum number of shares at zero and then increasing the minimum number if you start to receive lots of alerts, this allow you to filter the mentions that are getting the most shares.

3) Competitor Link Alert

A competitor link alert is very powerful in that it alerts you every time an article links to your competitor’s site. This can be a link to a specific url or their domain. This may identify outreach and link building opportunities for your own site.

To create a competitor link alert you choose the link alert option. You just need to decide if you want to be alerted of links to the domain or a specific url which could be an article or white paper.

link alert

The other filtering options are the same as the previous alerts such as a real time alert or a daily digest.