Why are the social share counts different when I view the article?

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We update the social share counts in fixed time intervals, and cache them on our servers. It’s impractical to keep updating the social share counts for hundreds of millions of articles in our database in real-time.

However, we do update most article’s share counts on a weekly, and monthly basis, so the discrepancies should be low. We find that most pieces of content get shared a lot in the first few days and then gradually stop being shared.

If you want to see the share counts sooner you can search for the URL in our Most Shared search we will update it within the next half an hour. You can also use our chrome extension to get real time shares.


If the results have sill not updated there can be several reasons why:


We have stopped crawling the article

We may stop crawling older articles if they stopped receiving shares. For example if an article was published last June and received 2000 shares in the first two weeks then stopped receiving shares for 4 weeks after then we could stop crawling it.

This means future shares will not be taken into consideration.


The canonical URL is wrong in the source code

We use the canonical URL to attribute shares back to the correct article. If this is incorrect it can cause issues with the share count.

Simply right click on the page and select “view page source”.

Once in the page source you can search for the canonical URL. If the canonical URL is not the same as the article URL this can cause issues with the share count (please see example screenshot below of how the canonical URL should be set up):

Canonical URL


If the canonical URL is present and correct then it could be part of a larger issue which you can report to our customer support team here: help@buzzsumo.com