View Who Is Sharing Content

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In BuzzSumo you can view people that are sharing and amplifying content on Twitter. You can do further analysis to examine their influence, their reach and their engagement with their networks. You can also analyze all the content they share.

View Sharers of Content

To view the sharers of a piece of content on Twitter you simply click the ‘view sharers’ button alongside a piece of content.

view content sharers


Clicking the View Sharers button will bring up a list of the people that shared an article as shown below.

content sharers

Reorder By Reach, Influence, Followers, Authority or Engagement

The initial list of results is listed by the relevance of the person to the topic. However, you can reorder the lost by clicking any of the right hand columns.

  • Page & Domain Authority – These score show you the authority score from Moz of their website.
  • Followers – This shows the number of twitter followers the person has.
  • Retweet Ratio – The percentage of tweets that are retweets, the higher the percentage the more they share other people’s tweets.
  • Reply Ratio – The percentage of tweets that are replies. A higher score can indicate a higher level of active engagement with followers.
  • Average Retweets – The average number of retweets the person receives per tweet, which can be an indicator of their influence on others.

The list will show you whether you already follow the person and give you the opportunity to follow them directly from within BuzzSumo, to add them to a Twitter list and to tweet them directly.

Filter by Type of Person

You can further filter the list by using the left hand filter panel to remove say companies or to only see journalists.

influencer filter


Export List of Sharers

In BuzzSumo Pro you can export the full list of content sharers to a CSV or Excel file.

Analyze Content Shared by Influencers

You can also review the content the person shares by clicking ‘View Links Shared’. This will show you both a list of the content they have shared and an analysis of content shared by domain as shown below.

content shared by influencer