BuzzSumo has kicked off 2015 with the launch of language and location filters for its most shared content search. This has been a much requested feature by users. As of today, BuzzSumo Pro users will be able to filter any Top Content search by language or country.

The language search supports all commonly used languages allowing users to easily find the most shared content in the language of their choice. Using it is easy, simply start typing the language you want to filter by and click filter as pictured below:

buzzsumo language filter

The country filter is based on the top level domain (TLD) of each result. E.g. to search for content from Spanish domains, users can enter “Spain” or “.es” as demonstrated below:

buzzsumo country tld filter

These features are available with  BuzzSumo Pro account. Users can sign up for a 14 day free trial here of the Pro account to try the new features.