Meet the BuzzSumo Team

Henley Wing Co-founder

Henley is the tech lead of BuzzSumo. He started BuzzSumo from a desire to see what type of content resonated with the social web. His focus is on creating a product that solves the needs of content, search and social marketers.

He wants to help marketers answer 2 questions: How do I know what content my audience will love to read and share? And how can I find the influencers that can help amplify that content after I've written it?

In addition to engineering, Henley also contributes in writing content, talking to users, and thinking of possible ways of improving the user experience.

James Blackwell Co-founder

James has a great passion for software and technology that helps marketers get the job done. Having previously worked on several marketing software startups, he joined BuzzSumo at an early stage to help turn it into the popular app it is today.

His goal is to simply ensure that BuzzSumo is constantly improving and growing so as many people as possible can benefit. This means he spends a lot of time developing the web app, communicating with users, dealing with admin and thinking of ways to make the product more useful.

Steve Rayson Director

Steve is the main investor behind BuzzSumo. He was one of the first early users of the beta product. He was so impressed with what James and Henley were developing he persuaded them to join the ranks of startup entrepreneurs and to work full-time on BuzzSumo. With Steve's financial backing the company was set up in March 2014, with the trio as the major shareholders.

Steve is a serial entrepreneur having set up and sold a number of technology businesses. His passions are marketing, learning and technology. He is particularly interested in data driven marketing and the role of social media in content discovery and amplification.

Stephen Walsh Advisor

Stephen has spent over 20 years creating compelling content. He’s done this in roles as a journalist, consultant, and head of marketing for Kineo – a brand he co-created and drove to be a globally recognised market leader through effective content marketing.

His aim is to help content marketers of the world use BuzzSumo to discover the best way to tell a story in their sector, and to shape and amplify their stories to get results.

Susan Moeller Business Development Manager

Susan is a communicator with experience in journalism, public relations and teaching. She has a passion for great messages and helping people create them. As a PR professional, Susan believes in the value of social media – to enrich lives, to sell products, and to make people laugh.

Her goal at BuzzSumo is to help people understand the app’s usefulness and discover ways it can help them understand their audience and create exceptional content. She spends her time talking with BuzzSumo users via webinar and email.