Published June 27th 2018

10 Lessons From The Top Travel Content

I think it is fair to say I like to travel. I have just returned from trekking the Inca trail in Peru, which was stunning. I have also been down to New Zealand and Australia this year as well as a few trips across the US. I like to research and plan my trips by reading extensively and it got me wondering about the types of travel content that get the most engagement. So using BuzzSumo I researched the top travel content over the last two years and here is what I learned.


Lists of places to go

21 Best Beaches in the World (215,000 social engagements)

52 Places to Go in 2018 (170,000 social engagements)

20 great UK walks with pubs, chosen by nature writers (42,000 social engagements)

20 places to travel in your 20s (18,000 social engagements)

List posts with ten outperformed on smaller sites

Top 10 winter city breaks in Europe (22,000 social engagements)

10 of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods to visit right now

Ten lists also work for travel bloggers such as Nomadic Matt:

10 Awesome Destinations for Solo Female Travelers (4,700 social engagements)


Travel tips, in particular how to save money

Travel America For $200 In This Coast To Coast Experience By Train (3m social engagements)

16 Affordable Places To Go If You’re Young, Broke And Want To Travel The World (3m social engagements)

Travel Experts Reveal 10 Ways To Save On Travel (463,000 social engagements)

20 Travel Hacks To Save You Time, Money & Stress (215,000 social engagements)

Cheapest Beach Cities to Live in Around the World (173,000 social engagements)

24 free things to do in San Francisco (31,000 social engagements)

Inspirational Travel Articles

It turns out that traveling makes us far happier than any material wealth ever does (2.9m social engagements)

The science behind why you should spend money on family holidays instead of toys (249,000 social engagement)


Travel stories


Locations are the celebrities




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