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Published January 9th 2017

7 Ways BuzzSumo Has Helped OptinMonster & List25 Build Their Fanbases

Syed Balkhi is the founder of OptinMonster, the powerful lead-generation solution that converts millions of abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers each month. Syed is also the founder of List25, the popular entertainment site, viewed by over 400 million people each month. List25 combines interesting and intriguing facts with the innate human desire to rank and list things. One of our favourites is 25 compelling facts you should know about David Bowie.

We talked to Syed about some of the the challenges he faces and how BuzzSumo has helped him grow his audience for both sites.


  1. Making data-driven decisions:

    “For List25 our challenge is to create content that we know will be good and which will resonate with our audience. Often we have a hunch, but hunches are not good enough. We like to make data-driven decisions. With BuzzSumo we can see the data on content engagement and what is working.”

  2. Finding Facebook Fans: 

    “Facebook is a critical platform for all marketers and we now have over 430,000 people that like our page. The Facebook Analyzer has helped us build this Facebook audience. We search for the most popular content on the most popular pages with BuzzSumo. We then create similar content that we know will resonate with the audience.”

  3. Staying Seasonal:

    “We also research ahead of major events such as Thanksgiving or Halloween or even Telsa’s birthday to see what worked in previous years. For example, what were the most engaging questions, images or videos.” These were a previous year’s engaging Halloween questions:

By understanding what works we can build similarly engaging content. List25 has become one of the most popular Facebook pages with individual posts often gaining over 100,000 interactions.


  • Staying Alert on Mentions:

    “For OptinMonster one of the key challenges is tracking where we are being mentioned, whether this is positive or negative. Google alerts are useful but not comprehensive and miss many mentions. Buzzsumo alerts ensure we know every time OptinMonster is mentioned within a blog post or article. We can then engage with the author or share the post as appropriate.”

  • Building Backlinks:

    ”Another challenge is continually increasing the number of organic backlinks to our site. BuzzSumo provides us with a neat way of doing this. BuzzSumo tracks the mentions of our brand and identifies where the article did not link to our site. The alert also helpfully identifies the domain authority of the site so you can quickly decide if it is a link you want to pursue.”

“My approach at OptinMonster is to write to the author along these lines ‘Thanks so much for mentioning us, we really appreciate it. Let us know if we can help in any way, and would you mind adding a link as this will be helpful to your readers in finding us.’  We get over 70% of positive responses to these requests. This gain in organic links more than pays for BuzzSumo alone.”

“This link building has also been very beneficial in helping us to build relationships with authors.  It provides a natural way to stay in touch with authors by contacting them as they mention us across the web.”

  • Staying On Top of Competitors:

“The other way we use BuzzSumo is to track competitors. By entering their domain name we can see their most shared content and we can also track their mentions and links.”

  • Being the Best Answer with Bloomberry:

    “Finally, we also use BuzzSumo’s new Bloomberry app to identify the questions people are asking. Every question is a potential blog post where we can provide an answer.”

This app is in free beta which you can test out here: bloomberry.com

Check out List25 and OptinMonster

OptinMonster is delivering increased subscriber growth and sales for thousands of companies. Over a billion people now see a website with OptinMonster on it every month.

You can get a 10% discount using the coupon code SAVE10. Click here to get OptinMonster.

List25 now has over 2 million subscribers on their YouTube Channel and 430 thousand likes on their Facebook page. 


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