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Published September 12th 2016

Science of Content: TFM Content Research Report Across 10 Industries

We have recently been pleased to support our friends at Technology for Marketing on their new report: The Science of Content. The report explores the content that resonates in ten different industries. Luke Bilton, will be presenting the report at the TFM event on Thursday 29th September 2016, at Olympia in London, which includes speakers such as Joe Pulizzi from CMI. You can get your free ticket to the event here.

Content is an investment in building an audience

Once you look at content as an investment in building an audience you understand the importance of understanding your audience and audience centered content.

As part of this process you also need to understand the content that resonates with your audiences from content topics and issues to content formats and headlines. You also need to understand the influencers they respect, the networks where they hang out and where content gets shared. For example, the chart below shows how the distribution of content across social networks varies by industry.


Understanding your audience

The TFM report highlights that whilst general content marketing advice is helpful you really need to understand your specific audience and industry.

The TFM report reviews over 150,000 articles across ten industries and provides an overview of the content that resonates in each industry. For example, here are the overviews for Fashion content and Marketing content.





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