How would you like to become a social media marketing superhero? You get to save the world from ineffective social media marketing. And wear interesting clothes.

We were delighted to join HubSpot, Link Humans and Brandwatch in creating a free ebook that will help you to:

  • Research and ensure your content will be successful
  • Find the right content topics and formats to share
  • Produce quality content at speed
  • Create interesting and eye-catching assets to use on social media during a campaign
  • Stretch the reach of your posts beyond the realm of imagination
  • Make a campaign entertaining and engaging for your audience
  • Hijack and outperform what your competitors are doing
  • Build an influencer network to get others sharing your content
  • Measure the success of your campaign by tracking the right metrics 

So grab your cape and get the book now!




One Response to “Social Media Superheroes: Free Ebook”

  1. Alecsy Christensen

    This is great! I love the play on superheroes. I wrote a similar blog about “superpowers for your website”, in my opinion it so much more fun and engaging to read about themed content than about regular, dull content! 🙂 We were thinking about doing a “Marvel Series” of blog posts, there is so much you can do!

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