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Published December 16th 2015

Why BuzzSumo Is A Topsy Alternative: 5 Key Searches

Today Apple closed down the popular Topsy Twitter analytics service. They posted a poignant last tweet.

Techcrunch has provided more background on the closure. We are sad to see Topsy go; we were big fans and advocates. We know that many people will miss the service. Whilst BuzzSumo is not a perfect replacement for Topsy, here are 5 key searches that may help you.

1. Most shared articles on Twitter today or this week

Go to the Most Shared search tab in BuzzSumo’s research section and enter a topic. Set the date filter on the left to 24 hours or last week or time period of your choice and start your search. When you have the results, simply click the twitter icon to re-sort the results to see the most shared today on Twitter. This feature is in the free version of BuzzSumo, so try it now.


2. View who shared posts on Twitter

Using BuzzSumo Pro you can click on ‘View Sharers,’ and we will show you who has shared that post or link on Twitter. In our upcoming version we will also show you the individual tweets.

Our view sharers will not only show you who shared the post but also information about the sharer such as number of followers, retweet rates and more. We will also show you the other content they have recently shared. You can export the full list of sharers and use this for your outreach work or Twitter tailored audience ads.


3. Top Twitter influencers for topics

Our free Twitter influencer search will find the top influencers for any topic. Just go to the Influencer tab in BuzzSumo and do a search which will return a set of results as follows.

BuzzSumo Pro users can export these lists, view the links these influencers are sharing and re-sort by reach such as followers, or engagement such as average retweets.

4. See content shared on Twitter by influencers

Using the syntax shared:@twittername you can see all the links a person has shared on Twitter and re-sort or export this data. Using the syntax shared_all:@twitterusername1, @twitterusername2, etc., you can see all links that have been shared on Twitter by all the people in your list.

5. See today’s trending content

You can see what is trending today on Twitter and on other social networks by using BuzzSumo’s Trending Now dashboard. This dashboard will show you the most trending content for set categories such as fashion and marketing, but you can also create your own custom Trending Dashboards for topics or domains. Below is a trending dashboard we set up for Topsy.

You can filter by time period such as trending content in the last 2 hours or 4 hours. You can also create RSS feeds to see your trending content in tools such as Feedly.

Bonus: See Twitter share counts for any page with BuzzSumo Chrome Extension

Topsy closing comes hard on the heels of Twitter closing down their share count API. However, if you still want to see the Twitter share counts for any web page you can do this with the BuzzSumo Chrome extension.

Bonus: See most engaging content on Facebook

With BuzzSumo you can also see the most shared content on other networks. You can also search for the most engaging content on Facebook for any topic, page or format using our Facebook Analyzer tool.

Below are the most interacted with posts about Donald Trump in the last week.

You can also analyze by Facebook page. Here are the volume of interactions (likes/shares/comments) on Donald Trump’s Facebook page over recent months.


Whilst we will not be a full replacement for Topsy hopefully we can help you with your Twitter analysis and also your analysis of other networks including Facebook.



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