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Find out how Blueclaw used BuzzSumo to better serve clients and win new business.


Blueclaw, a forward thinking digital agency, tapped into the BuzzSumo API to dramatically improve the detail and speed at which they could create comprehensive reports for clients. They built a tool called MarketScout to help them perform detailed analysis of all the competitors in any of their client's industries. We caught up with Luke Ormerod at Blueclaw to learn more about the tool, why they built it, how it's helped them better serve their clients and win more business.

Why build the tool?

Understanding the competitive landscape of any industry is an essential step in any SEO or content marketing campaign. Rather than performing hours of manual data gathering, they leveraged BuzzSumo’s dataset to quickly provide useful insight into a number of domains.

How has the tool helped your business?

Blueclaw initially built the tool to help the team provide better reports. But they quickly found the additional insight they got by including data from BuzzSumo and other sources meant they could more easily set client’s expectations and timescales.

Luke also said that the tool they created allowed them to cut down manual work required by in-house teams from hours to just a few seconds as a result of the investment in creating MarketScout.

How did BuzzSumo's API help?

Blueclaw were able to quickly integrate BuzzSumo’s API into MarketScout. They’re now developing another tool to help identify the key influencers for their clients.

You can read more about MarketScout here.