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Hear how Connective3 help clients land international press coverage.


Connective3 build intelligent, data-informed strategies for their clients across SEO, PR, paid media, and CRO.

The brands they support include Compare The Market, Thortful Cards, and Wren Kitchens.

How Connective3 uses BuzzSumo to help clients land international press coverage

Use cases

The Challenge

Connective3 operate internationally, and need to have a keen understanding of the markets they serve.

This is especially the case if they don't have feet on the ground in specific countries.

With BuzzSumo's Trending Tool, they can gauge public and consumer appetite or opinion across the globe, from the comfort of their desk.

They use BuzzSumo to analyze content engagement, and study the varied uptake of news topics across territories.

They also delve into the link potential of specific content types and topics in different regions using BuzzSumo's Content Analyzer.

Here's Connective3's Founder, David White, to walk you through just how they do that:

How to build international links for your Digital PR campaigns using BuzzSumo

Using all of this powerful insight, they inform their clients' strategies on a day-to-day basis.

The Solution

BuzzSumo Monitoring and Alerts

Connective3 set up brand alerts for their clients to spot mentions and backlink opportunities faster than they would be able to with any other tool...

BuzzSumo Trending Tool

Connective3 uses BuzzSumo Trending Tool to tap into trending stories across their clients' niche. They set up custom feeds, and let the news roll in.

When they see a relevant topic that's snowballing on social, they jump into action and prepare comments alongside clients to take to journalists.

See how they do that below...

How Connective3 uses BuzzSumo’s Trending Tool to ride the wave of viral topics

The Results

Connective3 uses BuzzSumo to not only understand what topics are trending, but what questions audiences are asking, where they're asking them, and which journalists are leading the discussion.

With this speed-to-insight, they are able to push out client campaigns, and extended commentary faster than ever before.

One such campaign for client Black Tower Financial Management blew up as a result of Connective3's usage of BuzzSumo. It landed in CNBC, The Telegraph, ABC, This Is Money. Check out the full results here.

Follow Connective3 on Twitter and LinkedIn, and connect with David White on Twitter @david_white90.