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See how James Clifton, social media manager at GetApp, uses BuzzSumo for influencer marketing.

GetApp’s goal is to help small businesses grow. One of the ways they help is by providing content and research. But on today’s content heavy web, it can be difficult to get content in front of customers, no matter how valuable it is. To overcome their challenge, GetApp works with influencers who are able to amplify content and ensure broader distribution. We caught up with James Clifton, the Social Media Manager at GetApp to see how they use BuzzSumo in their strategy.

Challenge: How to to discover relevant and valuable influencers?

“We are looking for influencers who can add value to the editorial content and research that GetApp produces, giving our users key insights into how they can grow their small businesses” says James. We ask influencers to reference the content we create and to share via their social networks so we can amplify our content and reach a wider audience.

Solution: Use BuzzSumo to discover the right influencers

When searching for influencers we first look at the relevant category in BuzzSumo’s Twitter Influencers. Specifically, we want to see who the influencers are in that sphere. We then look at metrics such as number of followers, average number of retweets, as well as the links the influencer has they’ve shared in the past to find out if they are regularly sharing content similar to ours. We also look at their page domain authority to assess the value of any link back to our site.

Challenge: How to effectively engage with influencers?

It’s tempting to neglect relationship building as part of the influencer process, but we find that that these actions help us to get on an influencer’s radar so that when it comes time to contact them they are already aware of the GetApp brand and what we do.

Solution: use BuzzSumo to effectively manage your list of influencers

Once we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of influencers, says James, we pass the this list on to our PR team. The PR team will look in our database to see if the influencers are already there and if so, what kind of contact we’ve had with them in the past. If the influencers are not already in the database we search for their contact details on their blog and add them. If we can’t find any contact details we usually reach out them via Twitter or LinkedIn, where we outline what we’re doing and how we would like their help. If this fails we sometimes fall back on old school methods like a phone call.

Result: A large list of quality influencers to engage with organically

Once we’ve identified a list of potential influencers we add them to an influencer list in BuzzSumo, follow them on social media, and begin engaging with them by sharing or retweeting any content they produce that might be relevant to our audience.