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Hear how Pepperdata grew webinar registrations by 5X using BuzzSumo Influencer tools.


Pepperdata offers big data observability and automated optimization both in the cloud and on premises.

Companies like Expedia and Royal Bank of Canada depend on Pepperdata to deliver big data success.

Use cases

Finding influencers and building content partnerships

Pepperdata has used BuzzSumo for four straight years – in fact, it’s their most used tool!

Their MO in BuzzSumo is to discover and work with the most engaging names in the tech space, using Twitter Influencers.

To do this, Andy Gremmett – Director of Product Marketing – pays close attention to BuzzSumo’s in-platform influencer metrics, like follower counts, average retweets, and domain authority.

This helps him to prioritize only the most interactive influencers, and periodically build out a “rock solid” list of 30 contacts to handover to Pepperdata’s outreach agency.

The result is super engaging co-developed content, including guest blog posts and webinars.

In fact, Andy recently discovered a major tech author, trainer, and presenter using this method, and invited him on to Pepperdata’s webinar series.

By associating the company with the influencer’s brand, and gaining exposure to his network, Andy and his team saw a 5x increase in webinar attendees, and a huge spike in content engagement. 

Finding authors for co-development content

Another way Pepperdata build out content partnerships is by tapping into the popular online publishing platform,

Using BuzzSumo’s Content Analyzer tool, they search a range of niche topics, and apply a domain limit filter to hone in on “”.

This helps them discover a list of authors publishing the most engaging Medium content in their field. 

If anyone looks like they could be a good fit for a content partnership, they add them to the list, to send over to their outreach agency.

Monitoring niche news as it develops

Pepperdata’s field is particularly niche, dealing with topics like: 

  • Site reliability engineering
  • Big data infrastructure
  • SLAs
  • Continuous tuning
  • IT chargeback
  • Kubernetes
  • Cloud control
  • Apache Kafka

Finding good content and news around these topics can be pretty tricky. 

Andy at Pepperdata has tackled this problem by setting up a BuzzSumo alert around the niche topic of “Site reliability engineering”.

As a result, he gets instant notifications whenever news develops, to ensure he never misses a story.

This helps him keep up-to-date with his customers, and come up with new content ideas.