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Square 2 Marketing

Find out how Square 2 Marketing agency uses BuzzSumo to analyze content, trends, and keywords.

Square 2 Marketing

Square 2 Marketing is a full-service inbound marketing firm designed to do one thing: get you leads. They utilize inbound marketing techniques including website design, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and other digital marketing tactics to help businesses get found, get leads and close deals. Check out their blog here:

How does BuzzSumo help your business?

"BuzzSumo fills a variety of functions at Square 2 Marketing. During the early stages of a client engagement, our Copy Architects search BuzzSumo using client keywords to find websites publishing related content, as well as the authors who may later prove to become valuable influencers.

During content strategy, Copy Architects also use BuzzSumo to get an idea of topics trending on social media to leverage that popularity while adding our client’s own unique perspective to these topics.

Specifically, BuzzSumo not only gives us an idea of the type of content being shared on social media, but the type of headlines that prove most effective for engagement.

Our Copy Architects even use the tool in a topic-based approach to keyword research. On the client services side, Marketing Consultants and Client Support Specialists use BuzzSumo to conduct a more extensive search for influencers and begin forming these relationships by email and through our clients’ social media accounts.

Used by key people throughout the life of an inbound marketing engagement, BuzzSumo helps simplify the research process for people short on time and on tight deadlines."

What is your favorite BuzzSumo Pro feature?

"As an agency, the ability to save searches and receive content alerts is essential in saving time and focusing our influencer targeting. Plus, the ability to choose what email receives certain alerts allows us to disseminate the alerts to the right people throughout the agency. For example, a Consultant Support Specialist is able to do some influencer outreach work while keeping his or her Marketing Consultant informed of the searches returning the best results.

The ability to search for top authors by domain helps us to focus on the most relevant authors on a website within a client’s niche. Being able to see what channels receive the most shares for a topic within a specific industry also helps define where to concentrate our clients’ social media efforts."