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Hear how newsletter theCLIKK boosted open rates by 10%, and powers content curation with BuzzSumo.


theCLIKK is an award-winning marketing newsletter with 30,000 subscribers, including companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Apple.

theCLIKK team use BuzzSumo as a daily dashboard to save time on creating and curating its newsletter.

Between 50 - 75% of theCLIKK is curated using BuzzSumo, and the rest is inspired by ideas found with BuzzSumo.

How theCLIKK powers its daily newsletter with BuzzSumo

The Results

The Challenge

When the idea of theCLIKK was first created, Russ and Kevin found themselves wondering how they were going to structure and surface fresh, interesting content on a daily basis.

They needed to be able to curate high quality content at speed, to keep their audiences engaged.

The Solution

We spoke to Kevin Williamson, Managing Editor at theCLIKK, who walked us through his daily content workflows within BuzzSumo.

The Content Analyzer

TheCLIKK use BuzzSumo's Content Analyzer every day to discover new content to either curate or inspire their next blog.

In the Content Analyzer, theCLIKK team regularly revisit a few key saved searches – which they also like to bookmark on their browser.

These are either keyword searches featuring terms like "marketing" and "technology", or custom domain searches using advanced search operators.

theCLIKK separate numerous domains by the word "OR" to scan the content of a variety of engaging publications, or apply negative keywords, such as "-coronavirus", in their searches to filter out content around the virus and explore more focused and relevant results.

Every morning, during their "sourcing sessions", theCLIKK also explore curated Trending Digest feeds across "marketing", "tech" and "business" to discover content that has been gaining traction over the last 1hr - 24hrs.

BuzzSumo's Trending Tool enables theCLIKK to discover up-to-the-minute content that their audience will find engaging, and are unlikely to have come across yet.

Then all they have to do is bookmark this content for their upcoming installment of theCLIKK.

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theCLIKK have seen amazing results, including:

  • 60 - 80% time saved every day
  • 10% increase in open rates for their newsletters

About theCLIKK

theCLIKK is an award-winning marketing newsletter founded by Russ Henneberry in 2019.

Learn more about theCLIKK, by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.