BuzzSumo API 1.0 Documentation Overview

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Our API allows you to access selected BuzzSumo data in a structured format so that you can easily integrate it into your own applications. Doesn’t sound like what you’re after? Check out the BuzzSumo web app instead.

Want to get started quickly? Get in touch with us today with a description of your intended use case.

Standard API

The majority of articles + social data you see in the web application is available via our standard API. This makes it ideal for:

  • Building internal reporting tools
  • Enhancing public web applications
  • Reporting software and client dashboards
  • Publishers, tracking performance of content on your domain
  • Lot’s more!


API access starts at $500 / month.

The main resources in our Standard API are:

Most Shared API returns the most popular content for a specific keyword or domain name, such as content marketing, or You can choose to sort the content by total shares or any specific social network, narrow it down by date period, or article types. You can also use this API to fetch the share counts for a single URL.

Top Influencers API returns influencers for a specific topic such as content marketing. You can choose to sort influencers by relevancy, or any other metric we provide.

Article Sharers API returns a sampling of people who shared a specific article on Twitter. Disclaimer: We only show people who shared an article within the first 2-3 days that article was published, so this is not 100% comprehensive.

Links Shared API returns a sampling of recent links shared by a particular influencer, sorted by most recent first.

Trending API returns the most popular content on the web today.

Sending API Keys

Every request sent to our API requires an API key. You send the API key by appending it to the request URL: &api_key=INSERT_API_KEY

If you don’t pass an API key, we will return an unauthorized http code back.

Rate Limiting

There is a rate limit of 10 calls in every 10 second window. If you go over these rate limits, we will return a 420 HTTP Response Code with the following payload:

error: "You have surpassed your rate limit. Please wait until the X-RateLimit-Reset time before making another call. This time is in the X-RateLimit-Reset http response header and is in epoch time."

All of our responses will return these fields in the HTTP response header.

X-RateLimit-Reset: The epoch time the rate limit will reset.
X-RateLimit-Limit: The maximum number of API calls in the 10 second timeframe.
X-RateLimit-Remaining: The number of API calls left in the 10 second timeframe.

X-RateLimit-Month-Remaining: The number of calls remaining for the current month

If you need more calls, just email us to let us know, and we’ll try our best to raise them.

HTTP Response Codes

200: Valid response was returned
401: Unauthorized, invalid API key passed.
406: An invalid parameter value was sent.
420: You’ve surpassed your rate limit.
500: An unknown error has occurred. The error message will contain an error ID, which you should email to so we can investigate the cause.

For responses with status codes that are not 200, the payload will contain one field “error”, which will contain the specific error message.