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Influencers API returns influencers for a particular topic. These results are the same ones you see on our Influencer Search section.

Resource URL



1) q (required) A UTF-8, URL-encoded search query of 1,000 characters maximum. It should be a topic such as marketing, or social media. Check our guide to advanced search operators if you want to use advanced search features.

Example Values: marketing, social media

2) result_type  (optional) Sort the results by this metric. Default: relevancy. Possible Values: relevancy, num_followers, page_authority, pagerank, retweet_ratio, reply_ratio, avg_retweets

Example Value: relevancy

3) page  (optional) the page number. Default: 0. Possible values: any number >= 0, where 0 is page 1.

Example Value: 0

4) person_types  (optional) comma delimited string of person types you want to see. By default, we will show all types of influencers. Possible values to choose from: blogger, influencer, company, journalist, regular people

For example if you want to limit results to ONLY bloggers and journalists, simply pass person_types=blogger,journalist.

Example Value: blogger,journalist

5) ignore_broadcasters  (optional), default: 0, set to 1 if you want to ignore broadcasters, otherwise set to 0. Broadcasters are influencers who simply broadcast links or tweets and hardly reply to others.

Example Value: 0

6) location  (optional), Search the influencers Twitter bio location using this parameter. Most users put a city e.g. London, so that tends to work better than a country. You can pass multiple location separated with the OR operator e.g. London OR New York OR Paris etc

Example Value: London

7) must_have_instagram_profile (optional) Only return profiles with an Instagram username. Possible Values true, false (string).

Example Value: true

8) verified_only (optional) Only return profiles that have are verified on Twitter (they have a blue check mark). Possible values: true, false (string).

Example Value: true

Example Request


Example Response

    "results": [{
        "num_following": 418,
        "pagerank": 0,
        "location": "New York City",
        "reply_ratio": 88.5,
        "retweet_ratio": 3.5,
        "twitter_id_str": "22381198",
        "image": "",
        "url_share_ratio": 10.0,
        "url": "",
        "id": "2269979",
        "domain_authority": 37,
        "page_authority": 47,
        "username": "henleywing",
        "bio": "Co-creator of BuzzSumo, a web app that helps you identify engaging content ideas and outreach opportunities. I sometimes tweet coffees for fun.",
        "avg_retweets": 0.2,
        "name": "Henley Wing",
        "instagram_username": "henleywing",
        "instagram_authority": 96,
        "num_followers": 736
    }, {
        "num_following": 57,
        "pagerank": 0,
        "location": "New York",
        "reply_ratio": 22.0,
        "retweet_ratio": 2.0,
        "twitter_id_str": "919759388",
        "image": "",
        "url_share_ratio": 60.0,
        "url": "",
        "id": "32152110",
        "domain_authority": 28,
        "page_authority": 32,
        "username": "buzzsumo",
        "bio": "BuzzSumo is an app that helps content marketers and SEO agencies identify content and outreach opportunities. Sign up for free, and create content that engages.",
        "avg_retweets": 0.243243243243243,
        "instagram_authority": 0,
        "instagram_username": "buzzsumo",
        "name": "BuzzSumo",
        "num_followers": 356
    "total_pages": 1

Response Fields:

This API call will return at most 50 influencers per page.

Most of the response fields are self-explanatory.

1) pagerank – this is the Google Pagerank of the URL listed in the influencer’s bio.

2) reply_ratio – this is the % of tweets that are replies to other people.

3) retweet_ratio – this is the % of tweets that are retweets of other people’s tweets.

4) url_share_ratio: this is the % of tweets that are sharing links.

5) page_authority: this is the Page Authority of the URL listed in the influencer’s bio.

6) domain_authority: this is the Domain Authority of the URL listed in the influencer’s bio.

7) avg_retweets: this is the average # of retweets one of their tweets gets. For instance, if someone has just 2 tweets, and it gets retweeted 100 times total, the average # of retweets would be 50.

8) total_pages: the total # of pages of results. Remember, if you want to see articles in the first page, pass page=0. For the 2nd page, pass page = 1, and so on.

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