Outreach and Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing and outreach is a powerful way to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and gain customers. BuzzSumo is designed to support your influencer outreach as part of a content amplification strategy.

The Outreach Process

A typical outreach process might be:

  1. Find good quality content relevant to your niche that has been shared heavily
  2. Find the creators of the content and the sites that they’ve posted on
  3. Find who shared the content
  4. Find influencers in a topic area (combination of the above)
  5. Gather extra stats on the authors and sharers to find out how authoritative they are (e.g., site authority, number of followers, engagement rate)
  6. Filter through the list and add key them to an outreach list
  7. Reach out and build relationships with them. Follow them, share their content
  8. Work with them to create quality content assets including interviews
  9. Utilise their distribution routes and contacts to build links and social signals to the assets

How BuzzSumo Can Help

Buzzsumo has been designed to accelerate this process and save your time. You can:

  1. Find content that is heavily shared
  2. Identify the authors and their other most shared content
  3. Find the people that share and amplify popular content
  4. Find authoritative and well shared sites in the niche for your content
  5. Find influencers in your topic area and filter by location, reach, authority and engagement
  6. See the content they share
  7. Follow and engage with influencers

Find authors of heavily shared content

Just undertake a top content search to see the most shared content and the authors of the content. You can click the author’s name to also see all of their most shared content. This will also show you the other sites they contribute to.

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Find Influencers

There are at least six ways you can find influencers to add to your outreach list.

1. Search for influencers in a topic area

Start by going to the influencer tab. Type in your topic area and BuzzSumo will return a list of influencers by relevance. You can re-sort this list to find influencers that are relevant to you, for example:

–      Number of followers

–      Retweet ratio

–      Reply ratio

–      Page authority, if they have a blog or website

You can also filter by location, if you are after influencers in a particular area. Just use the location filter on the left hand side. We find cities work particularly well.

2. Search for people that work for a particular company

If you enter a company Twitter ID, such as @Moz, Buzzsumo will find you all the people with @Moz in their bio. This list will primarily be a list of current people at the company but occasionally people do include a list of their previous employers such as ‘previously @Moz @Hubspot’ so you do need to check.

3. Search for influencers that share content from a particular domain

If you go to the content search tab and search for a particular domain such as Moz.com. BuzzSumo will return a list of the most shared content. You can then click the view sharers button to get a list of people that have shared the article which you can resort in the normal way.

4. Search for influencers that share competitor content

Go to the content search tab and search for your competitor’s domain such as Moz.com. BuzzSumo will return a list of your competitor’s most shared content. You can then click the view sharers button to get a list of people that have shared each piece of competitor content. Now you can ask them to share yours.

5. Search for influencers that have shared a specific piece of content

If you go to the content search tab and search for a particular url BuzzSumo will show you how often this has been shared across the networks. When you have found a relevant article you can see who shared it by clicking the ‘view sharers’ button. This button is your new best friend.

content sharers

BuzzSumo will then provide you with a list of influential sharers, it is not an exhaustive list of everyone that shared the article, but a sampling of people who shared this article 2-3 days after it was published.

6. Search for influencers by location

If you want to track inflencers in your city or region, just filter by location. You can then tap into local networks or host a tweet-up to enage with them

Get to know influencers

With Buzzsumo you can see the content an influencer has shared. By reviewing the topics they share most often and the domains they share you can see how relevant they might be for your outreach programme.

Once you have identified a relevant list of influencers you can follow them.


By clicking the icon you can also tweet to the user or add them to a Twitter list.

With BuzzSumo you can also view the links they have shared to see what type of content they share and from which sites.

Build outreach lists

Once you have identified your influencers you can create an outreach list. You may use a tool such as BuzzStream, Salesforce CRM, Hubspot, an Excel sheet or a Twitter list for your outreach work.

BuzzSumo can help you whichever tool you adopt. You can export your influencer searches on Buzzsumo to an Excel list for further filtering and to import into your outreach tool. You can also use the export to create a list of say Twitter handles for a Twitter ad campaign.

The export data gives you additional information such as location.

if you create a Twitter list, you can follow people and add influencers to your list directly from BuzzSumo.

Engage with influencers

To build a relationship with an influencer you can:

  • Tweet and share their content
  • Mention them when you share their content
  • Ask to interview them for your website
  • Ask them to write a guest post for your site
  • Collaborate on content

As Matthew Barby says the first thing that you need to establish when approaching an influencer is consider their incentive.

What will motivate them to work with you, and what will they expect?

Here are a few ideas on what you can offer:

  • A link the influencer’s personal site within each post, valuable if you have a high authority or highly ranked site
  • A recommendation for their services on your website
  • Free or discounted use of your services
  • Offer to share the other content from the influencer to your mailing lists and social following (if you have a large list or following).

If you have little to offer them it may come to money. Part of your marketing budget can be well spent by working with influencers. You can pay them to write a blog post for you which they will also distribute to their audience. You can offer bonus payouts for gaining a certain number social shares/traffic to incentivise the authors to promote the content.

Quality content should always be the top priority as it reflects on your brand. Working with influencers and authors isn’t just about building links. Influencers can help you create content that adds value for your audience and to distribute it in a way that will get it in front of them.

Read more on using BuzzSumo for outreach work : http://www.searchenginepeople.com/blog/925-buzzsumo-outreach-tool.html