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The Sharers API returns a sampling of the people who have shared a particular article on Twitter. This is the same data you see when you press “View Sharers” in the top content search. Note that these aren’t ALL the sharers, but just the ones that have shared this article in the first 2-3 days the article was published.

Resource URL



1) article_id (required) This is the ID of the article you want to retrieve sharers for. The ID is returned in the “id” field in Most Shared API results.

Example Value: 80000000

2) result_type  (optional) Sort the sharers by this metric, descending. Default: avg_retweets. Possible Values: num_followers, page_authority, pagerank, retweet_ratio, reply_ratio, avg_retweets

Example Value: avg_retweets

3) page  (optional) the page number. Default: 0. Possible values: any number >= 0, where 0 is page 1.

Example Value: 0

4) person_types  (optional) comma delimited string of person types you want to see. By default, we will show all types of influencers. Possible values to choose from: blogger, influencer, company, journalist, regular people

For example if you want to limit results to ONLY bloggers and journalists, simply pass person_types=blogger,journalist.

Example Value: blogger,journalist

5) ignore_broadcasters  (optional), default: 0, set to 1 if you want to ignore broadcasters, otherwise set to 0. Broadcasters are influencers who simply broadcast links or tweets and hardly reply to others.

Example Values: 0

Example Request


Example Response

    "results": [{
        "num_following": 2415,
        "pagerank": 4,
        "location": "King George VA",
        "reply_ratio": 70.5,
        "retweet_ratio": 13.5,
        "person_type": [
        "twitter_id_str": "46805748",
        "image": "",
        "url_share_ratio": 23.0,
        "url": "",
        "id": 721996,
        "domain_authority": 55,
        "page_authority": 62,
        "username": "shirleygfe",
        "bio": "Let me show you how to live gluten free easily. & &",
        "avg_retweets": 0.354838709677419,
        "name": "Shirley Braden",
        "num_followers": 5247
    "total_pages": 1

Response Fields:

This API call will return at most 50 sharers per page.

Most of the response fields are self-explanatory.

1) pagerank – this is the Google Pagerank of the URL listed in the influencer’s bio.

2) reply_ratio – this is the % of tweets that are replies to other people.

3) retweet_ratio – this is the % of tweets that are retweets of other people’s tweets.

4) url_share_ratio: this is the % of tweets that are sharing links.

5) page_authority: this is the Page Authority of the URL listed in the influencer’s bio.

6) domain_authority: this is the Domain Authority of the URL listed in the influencer’s bio.

7) avg_retweets: this is the average # of retweets one of their tweets gets. For instance, if someone has just 2 tweets, and it gets retweeted 100 times total, the average # of retweets would be 50.

8) total_pages: the total # of pages of results. Remember, if you want to see articles in the first page, pass page=0. For the 2nd page, pass page = 1, and so on.

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