Top Content Advanced Search Operators

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Below are a selection of advanced search operators that you can use with BuzzSumo’s Top Content search. You can use these simply by entering them into the search box. You may be familiar with such operators from using search engines like Google.


Searching for Multiple Keywords: This Or That

If you want to see the most shared content for multiple keywords, such as SEO or content marketing, you simply type in “OR” between the keywords. You can have as many keywords as you want.

How to use it: SEO or content marketing OR conversion optimization

Exact Phrase Match

Sometimes you’ll want your search to be a little more precise, you can search for titles that contain an exact phrase. For example “content marketing”, will return only content that contains those two words, in order. It won’t return content with titles like “Marketing your business with content” because content marketing doesn’t occur as an exact phrase.

How to use it: “content marketing”


Exclude keywords from your results

You can narrow your search by filtering out results containing keywords you don’t want. You might find this useful if your results contain a lot of articles focused on a current event. This happened recently when Rap Genius were punished for bad SEO practice. A 24 hour search on SEO contained mostly results concerning Rap Genius. You can perform a search for SEO, but ignore anything with “rap” or “genius” by using the minus sign:

How to use it: seo -rap -genius


Check the stats of a single URL

You can quickly check how much a single piece of content has been shared across all four major networks by entering its full URL into BuzzSumo.

How to use it:


Find the most shared content for a domain

As well as searching for a specific URL, you can also enter a simple domain to get the most shared content for that site. This is especially handy for competitor research, giving you a fast way to uncover which content was the most popular.

How to use it: