Course Level: Beginner

Time to Complete Course: 1 hour

This course is divided into 4 different sections with several lessons in each section. The main sections are:

      • Research
      • Influencers
      • Curation
    • Monitoring

You can take the modules in any order you would like. If you aren’t sure where to start, we recommend beginning with Research, as it a central part of the BuzzSumo platform.

You can also take the optional certification exam.

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About Additional Reading: Lessons include links to additional reading, including a transcript of the video. These can be helpful if you would like to dig in a bit more to the topic, or if you just prefer to learn by reading. Anything outside of the transcript is intended to be supplemental, and won’t be included in the certification exam. When we suggest a book, it’s because it’s been useful for us. There are no affiliate links of any kind in this course material.

BuzzSumo Essentials is taught by BuzzSumo’s Senior Marketing Manager, Susan Moeller, and Eric DeLima-Rubb, Customer Success Manager.


Susan lives in New Jersey with her husband and 2 teenaged sons. When she’s not working, you will often find her buried in a pile of yarn, working on a knitting project or in the pool, practicing flip turns in the pursuit of faster laps.

As the first person hired at BuzzSumo, Susan’s knowledge of the platform has grown alongside the company. She’s the unofficial keeper-of-little-known-facts about BuzzSumo, and she loves helping people discover all of the ways the platform can help them create the best content.

Can’t live without tool (besides Buzzsumo?) Spreadsheets

Favorite part of the BuzzSumo Platform? Content Analysis Reports


Eric is fanatical about understanding the problems that BuzzSumo’s customers want to solve with the platform. He divides his work time between one-one conversations with customers and helping the team communicate more effectively with subscribers. He’s also the current Slack channel Gif champion.

In his free time, Eric performs with the Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando. He lives in Florida with his wife and three small children.

Can’t live without tool (besides BuzzSumo)? Evernote

Favorite part of the BuzzSumo platform: Monitoring and Alerts

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