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Generate detailed data-driven briefs in just one button click with BuzzSumo's new Brief Generator. Time to say goodbye to boring briefing and hello to being creative again.

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Research your subject with our Content Ideas Generator

Automatically generate your brief directly from your search results

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Distribute your brief to your team, freelancers, or use yourself!

Within minutes you can gather rich info around your target topic or keyword and, best of all, you can then copy and paste a ready-formatted brief to quickly send to writers. A timesaver for anyone making content briefs regularly!

Christina Pashialis, Founder of ContentUK

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That's backed by data 📊

Built on data and empirical proof of content success, BuzzSumo's Brief Generator:

  • Taps into 300 trillion content engagements
  • Analyzes 8 billion pieces of content
  • Calculates Trending Scores for newsjacking inspiration
  • Scours Google for top ranking content inspiration
  • Combs hundreds of thousands of forums for audience questions

All of this so you can stand on the shoulders of content giants, and give your creators the best chance of success.

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That builds briefs in seconds ⏰

A poor content brief can leave you feeling trapped in constant rounds of revisions – frustrating for you, and your writers.

At the click of a button, the Brief Generator copies-to-clipboard:

  • A fully-formed, research-ready content brief
  • Content inspiration from the top ranking, shared, and linked content
  • Competitive keywords and relevant topic recommendations
  • Burning audience questions

Clear, detailed content briefs makes content collaboration a breeze.

Why choose BuzzSumo?

Here are some of the most celebrated features of BuzzSumo:

  • 8 billion pieces of content archived
  • 42 million websites indexed
  • 300 trillion engagements
  • 500,000 journalist profiles identified 
  • 491,666,641 questions in the Question Analyzer
  • Up to 5 year’s worth of content
  • Data from 195 countries (ie. the whole world!) 
  • 170+ languages

Making content marketing easier

BuzzSumo is the world’s largest bank of social engagement data. Built on insight from 8+ billion articles.

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“Without BuzzSumo we wouldn’t have an awareness of the stories out there.

It gives us a really holistic look at what’s trending on any given day.”

Josh Kaplan, Head of Audience, The Tab