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BuzzSumo's new Content Ideas Generator.
Now making it it even easier for you to research, create, and distribute amazing content.

Work smarter, not harder

Don't waste time dipping in and out of different tools to get the intel you need.

In one quick search, the Content Ideas Generator gives you:

  • Keyword search volume
  • Social engagement data
  • Trending stories
  • Forum questions

Countless possibilities in one easy-to-use tool.

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Develop timely content, customized to your audience interests.

  • Review the top evergreen headlines to write something with timeless appeal
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  • Answer audience questions by tapping into hundreds of thousands of forum conversations
  • Explore keyword data to optimize for high demand
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As easy as 1-2-3

Search any topic and get ideas from our index of 8 billion articles.


With great content, comes even greater research. The Content Ideas Generator allows you to discover:

• Top shared and linked content
• Popular related topics
• Popular monthly keywords
• The questions being asked this week
• Top ranking content in Google
• Trending stories from the past week


Everything you need to create brilliant content all in one place. The Content Ideas Generator breaks down:

• Which format your audience prefers –
Will it be a list, an interview, a how-to post or something else?
• The average engagement by content length for your topic of choice


There's nothing worse than missing the mark on content distribution. The Content Ideas Generator produces accurate results to give you:

• A clear understanding of which social network your audience prefers
• Which day of the week your audience is most engaged with the topic of choice
• A breakdown of engagement day by day

Why choose BuzzSumo?

Here are some of the most celebrated features of BuzzSumo:

  • 8 billion pieces of content archived
  • 42 million websites indexed
  • 300 trillion engagements
  • 500,000 journalist profiles identified 
  • 491,666,641 questions in the Question Analyzer
  • Up to 5 year’s worth of content
  • Data from 195 countries (ie. the whole world!) 
  • 170+ languages

Making content marketing easier

BuzzSumo is the world’s largest bank of social engagement data. Built on insight from 8+ billion articles.

Find the best performing content, identify influencers and supercharge your content strategy right now.

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It was the missing link I'd been looking for. I use it religiously, every single day.

The result we're aiming for is top tier press coverage – not just UK, but global coverage – across some of the largest publications in the world, and BuzzSumo is absolutely pivotal to us achieving that."

Kostas Petrou, Co-founder, Story & Search

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