Tom Chivers - webinar speaker

Timesaving Digital PR Outreach Hacks

Date: 26th October | Time: 10am (ET) / 3pm (BST)

Cut down on boring, labor intensive tasks with these easy to implement tips and tricks to help optimize your performance as a Digital PR.

Earning more links in less time? Yes please!

Register for this webinar to discover:

  • How to build a 200+ email list in less than 10 minutes 📧

  • Finding EVERY press syndication without spending a penny 👀

  • The importance of your little black book of campaigns 🤫

  • Reduce the drudgery of Digital PR and give yourself more time for creativity as a result! 🎨

Meet Your Speaker

Tom Chivers is a Freelance Digital PR specialist who has worked at several marketing agencies, including Rise at Seven, while also spending a few blissful years in-house.

He has created some amazing Digital PR campaigns, and some that were, in his own words: "woefully misunderstood".

Tom Chivers - Digital PR Specialist