Let’s Get Emotional: An Analysis of 20bn Emojis

What’s our emotional state on social?

We teamed up with our friends over at Brandwatch & Falcon, to analyze over 20bn emojis and reactions over the last six months – and answer just that!

Registration for this webinar is closed. The recording of this webinar is now available to watch for free.

Watch this free webinar to learn about:

  • The things we love and love to hate 😍

  • How our demographics and location affects our reactions 🌎

  • How brands are using emojis in public-facing communications 🐦

Our Expert Speakers

Joining you live to discuss their findings and answer your questions will be:

Evan Ahlers

Director of Customer Success

Ksenia Newton

Marketing Content Specialist

Shruti Ramanujam

Content Team Lead