The Formula Behind A Great Campaign Idea 🧪

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Ever wondered how the best creative ideas began? Or how simple concepts can be developed into fully fledged campaigns with confidence?

The secret is that the best ideas have a solid science behind them, and Rise at Seven will reveal the formula that will help you hit the right mark every single time.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • Tried and trusted ways to come up with ideas – even when you're really stuck 🤔

  • Which data sources will prove that your ideas are worth creating 📊

  • Why data insights are the key to winning client pitches 🤑

Meet Your Speakers

Creative Search Agency Rise at Seven have taken the Digital PR and SEO industries by storm with creative and quirky campaigns that have delivered reliable results for their ever expanding roster of high-profile clients.

Luke heads up the Content Marketing offering for the client base at Creative Search Agency, Rise at Seven. Prior to joining Rise, Luke headed up the Digital and Content Marketing teams for various other agencies, and also ran his own company.

With 10 years experience in the industry, Luke has worked with the likes of GoCompare, Missguided, Total, and GAME on their SEO & Digital PR strategies.

Luke Cope - Content Marketing Director

Creative turned marketer, James has been responsible for promoting one of the fastest growing agencies in the world, helping it scale to over 100 staff and a revenue of £7million in just under 3 years.

Within a short time in the industry, James has worked directly on campaigns for Xbox, Playstation, and House of Fraser, just to name a few.

James Hayward-Browne - Marketing Manager