BuzzSumo has launched a new Backlinks feature which allows users to see which sites are linking to and amplifying popular content.

Understanding content amplification is a key feature of BuzzSumo. The tool already allows users to see the most shared content for any topic or domain; and who shared the content on Twitter. The new feature now allows users to see the websites that are linking to a domain or an article.

The new feature provides:

  • the ability to search for backlinks for any domain or specific URL
  • filtering by time period for new backlinks acquired in the last week or month
  • full exports of backlink data for further analysis

BuzzSumo director, James Blackwell commented:

“Backlinks are an important element in determining the relevance and importance of content on the internet. The number and quality of backlinks continues to provide an indication of the importance of websites to search engines. If a website has a high number of quality backlinks it may be considered more relevant than others in the results pages for a search query. By providing backlink data we can help our users understand why sites may rank higher in search results but more importantly identify backlink opportunities for their own sites.”

See full details of the BuzzSumo backlinks feature.