Content Discovery

BuzzSumo takes content discovery to a new level using social search. There is no shortage of content on the web, the key is filtering out the content that resonates with audiences, the content that is currently trending and the content about to trend.

A BuzzSumo search will find most shared content across all the main social networks.

Discover by Time Period
Discover the most shared content in the last 12 months or the last 24 hours. Find the trending content and analyze what is trending over time.

Discover by Social Network
Filter by social platform to discover content that is resonating most on say Facebook or LinkedIn.

Advanced Operators
Use advanced operators to create tailored searches for example removing certain words from searches.

Discover by Content Type
Filter by content type such as videos or infographics, to see which videos are resonating.

Discover by Domain
Search by domain by typing in the domain such as, to find the most shared content from that domain.

Discover by Author
Search for an author’s most shared content by using the operator “author:steve rayson” or click on their name..

Case Study – Content Discovery with BuzzSumo


Larry Kim of WordStream outlines the benefits of using BuzzSumo for content discovery.


With so many sites republishing the same old stuff, I need to know which articles are worth reading, and fast. BuzzSumo makes this easy.

First, simply enter a topic in the search field. For this example, I chose “PPC” because that’s the nature of my business. You can also filter your results using the list of content types listed on the left.



As you can see in the following figure, I’m presented with a list of trending topics related to AdWords. However, it doesn’t stop there. BuzzSumo also gives me a current summary of social shares for each individual article. This data can then be rearranged and sorted by channel, and then exported as a spreadsheet:




This tells me, at a glance, which stories are circulating the Web via social – an often reliable indication of whether something is worth reading. If something catches your eye, you can click on the “article” button beneath the content to be taken from the BuzzSumo dashboard right to the article. Pretty neat, right?