Question Analyzer

Find the most popular questions asked across hundreds of thousands of forums, Amazon, Reddit, Quora and Q&A sites for any keyword.

Perfect for researching customer questions, generating content ideas and monitoring questions about topics and brands. Try it now »

Create content that answers the most asked questions

Enter a topic or brand name and instantly see the questions that real people are asking.

Results are automatically filtered to clearly display the most frequently asked questions first.

Write answers with confidence, knowing they will resonate with your audience.

Social listening

Find questions in the forums and subreddits your audience uses the most.

Questions are sorted by popularity, so you will quickly identify highly relevant topics for targeted audience segments.

Going directly to these sources let’s you gain greater understanding of your audience’s most pressing needs.

Brand monitoring

Understand how people are talking about your brand.

Increase your customers' confidence by responding to their questions outside of your own channels and by dispelling misinformation or providing context when needed.

Monitor competitors' brands to identify key product differentiators.


Provide descriptions that answer common product-related questions.

Seeing actual questions about your own product helps to identify gaps in your descriptions before they lead to lost sales.

Product Development

Product developers and designers can use the Question Analyzer to conduct research product questions quickly and at scale.

Questions reveal what customers like, dislike, the products they are comparing and the concerns they have.