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Artios is an artificial intelligence (AI) driven digital marketing agency based in London specializing in Content Marketing and SEO. We spoke to their data scientist, Andreas Voniatis to explain why and how they use BuzzSumo.

Andreas Voniatis

Why do you use BuzzSumo?

Being a AI driven agency means that the quality of the data is very important to us, as we have to gather evidence for our clients that want proof that content marketing will work. Using BuzzSumo data we’re able to gather social media data on all kinds of articles that have been published online on any given industry or market whether it is business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C).

What I particularly like about the data supplied is the fact that it covers most of the social media channels like Facebook and has other granular data such as image thumbnails, date published, amplifiers and so on. This saves us expensive engineering time that we would otherwise have to dedicate to getting the data elsewhere.

Once we collect the data we’re able to apply machine learning to start making predictions on how content gets shared online and then identify patterns to see what makes some content more successful than others.

We also use the backlink data sources which is very good for SEO which is useful for predicting which of your client’s competitor backlinks are worth having and why.


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