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Erika Heald Marketing

Hear how Erika Heald Marketing & Consulting helped clients 3X their social media traffic.

Erika Heald Marketing

Erika Heald Marketing Consulting supports the content strategies of major clients, including Twitter, Slack, and Meltwater.

Erika Heald uses BuzzSumo to create data-informed content strategies for clients, as well as to inform weekly #ContentChat discussions on Twitter.

How Erika Heald Uses BuzzSumo For Content Auditing, Curation & Reporting

Use cases

The Challenge

Erika would regularly find herself challenging client misconceptions around content creation and distribution.

Some clients were devoted to specific social channels, because that's how they'd always done things.

Erika was challenged to use BuzzSumo data, to discover channels where true engagement existed.

The Solution

Content auditing

The Content Analyzer

Erika dives into the Content Analyzer to audit her clients' existing content.

She enters their domain and analyzes which channels are driving the most social media engagement.

Often that throws up some surprising results.

Many clients are interested to find that their content picks up interest on forums like Reddit, for instance.

A platform they would never have considered for business engagement.

Discovering duplicate content

BuzzSumo Monitoring & Alerts

Another thing Erika uses BuzzSumo for is brand monitoring.

She has setup an alert surrounding her brand name, and integrates it with Slack so that she can build mentions into her daily workflow.

One thing that's enabled her to do is spot and report instances of duplicate or stolen content.

Content curation

BuzzSumo Content Analyzer

Erika's third use case sees her turning to BuzzSumo for content curation.

Using the Content Analyzer, she conducts a topic search and sets up content alerts to discover articles surrounding her clients' content pillars and themes.

This informs their social media strategy, reinforces their brand messaging, and successfully enriches their marketing.

Content reporting

BuzzSumo Content Analyzer Report

Erika Heald uses BuzzSumo to conduct regular, quarterly reporting for her clients.

Using client analytic data in combination with engagement insights reported via BuzzSumo, Erika reviews the health of client content and social media performance.


Through using BuzzSumo to inform content and social media strategies, Erika was able to help one of her clients 3X social media traffic and drive increased membership conversions.

Check Erika Heald Marketing Consulting out on Twitter and LinkedIn, and follow Erika on Twitter @SFerika.