In the film “Minority Report” a character called Agatha has knowledge of what is about to happen enabling the PreCrime department to take preventative action before crimes are committed. Agatha is a PreCog, short for for precognition, meaning to know beforehand.

As a content marketer or publisher wouldn’t it be great if you had foreknowledge of the topics and content that will resonate with your audience next week? Such knowledge would allow you to write the perfect piece of content. You would literally be from the future. And that would get you plenty of attention.

We look at how you can become a Content PreCog by tracking emerging content and gaining insights on content trends.…

Is there a correlation between social shares and inbound links? The question goes to the heart of why people share content and why they link to content.

If people share and link to content for similar reasons then logically you would expect a very strong correlation between shares and links. However, if people share and link for different reasons you would expect to see variations in the correlation for different types of content.

Why does this matter? Understanding why people share and link to content is eessential for both content marketers and SEO teams. Ideally we want to create content that is amplified through both shares and links. My analysis of 10,000 posts suggests that some forms of content are very unlikely to acquire both shares and links.…


What content is engaging people in your industry right now? Trending stories reveal what matters to your audience. Trending content is content that drives engagement, passion, shares and comments. When content trends and stories break, you need to be part of the conversation and share your own passion and insights as early as possible. Last to the trending party? You may as well not show up.…


The latest book from Mark Schaefer is a must read for content marketers. The Content Code: Six essential strategies to ignite your content, your marketing, and your business is based on a wealth of research and data. Mark gets under the skin of why some content ignites and is shared widely, whilst other content languishes and remains unloved. He also provides practical advice on how to develop a content strategy and ensure your content is shareable.…


Images are an integral part of content marketing, they are required not just for blog posts, slides or infographics but for posts to social media itself. One of the challenges for content marketers is producing professional images quickly and efficiently.  Your new best friend is Canva, an image tool designed for content marketers.…


How would you like to become a social media marketing superhero? You get to save the world from ineffective social media marketing. And wear interesting clothes.

We were delighted to join HubSpot, Link Humans and Brandwatch in creating a free ebook that will help you to:

  • Research and ensure your content will be successful
  • Find the right content topics and formats to share
  • Produce quality content at speed
  • Create interesting and eye-catching assets to use on social media during a campaign
  • Stretch the reach of your posts beyond the realm of imagination
  • Make a campaign entertaining and engaging for your audience
  • Hijack and outperform what your competitors are doing
  • Build an influencer network to get others sharing your content
  • Measure the success of your campaign by tracking the right metrics 

So grab your cape and get the book now!