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Content Discovery

Infinite ideas at your fingertips.

Spark content ideas by browsing topics, trends and forums. BuzzSumo shows you what’s going down and what’s rising up.

Keyword Tool

Generate thousands of relevant keywords

Discover the words and phrases your audience are searching for

Monthly search volume

Understand the popularity of keywords to identify topics with high demand.

Cost per click

Inform your PPC strategy with cost-based data.

Search trends

See search volume over time to discover if your keywords are affected by seasonality or trends.

Full insights

Combine keywords with BuzzSumo’s content, questions and influencer data to create comprehensive content.

“We’ve been using BuzzSumo since the beta. It’s a tool we’re happy to pay for because it’s saved us so much time.”

— Hannah Smith, Distilled


What does the world care to share?

Access real-time views of viral trends for any topic, domain or location.

Predict viral hits

Sort stories by trending score to spot emerging viral hits.

Real-time results

See instant performance data for just-released content.

Geographic filtering

Focus on relevant regions and get meaningful insights.

Custom feeds

Create and share feeds focused on key topics, domains and locations.


BuzzSumo is a factory of ideas – so you’ll never struggle for content topics again.

Related topics alongside real content examples kickstart your research.

Identify keywords

Find the high-traffic keywords you need to include.

Content examples

Quickly generate ideas with real content and question examples on one page.

Dig deeper

Drill down into any topic to view trends and more examples.

Think different

Break out of your usual content ruts and get creative.


Your audience has the answers

Search millions of forum posts, Amazon, Reddit, Quora and Q&A sites.

Genuine questions

Explore the gaps in common knowledge so you can create in-demand content.

Reddit search

Delve into the deepest corners of any subreddit.

Forum search

Analyze questions on any popular web forum.

Customer voice

Hear what your audience is asking so you can adopt their tone and language.


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