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Competitor Intelligence

Your competitors’ secrets are just a click away. Discover what works and what fails so you can optimize your marketing activity.

Analyze competitor content

Study the competition – efficiently. BuzzSumo makes it easy to track the key metrics around your competitors’ activity. With BuzzSumo you can quickly answer questions like:

What content works? Which networks perform best? Who is sharing their content? How does our content compare?

Secrets of success

Your Competitors’ Most Shared Content
Enter a competitor’s domain to find their most shared content. Analyze what works for them by filtering according to networks, formats and authors.

Competitor content performance
Get detailed competitor performance reports. BuzzSumo reports show you what is working for your rivals, including average shares by network, content format, length and publication date.

Key Features


Get notifications instantly when a competitor is mentioned online.

Analyze activity

Create dashboards to track your competitors and how you stack up.

Build on wins

Discover what works so you can build on competitors’ success.

Dodge disasters

Learn from competitors’ errors so you can focus on effective marketing.


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