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Content Strategy

Check the traffic before you hit the road. With BuzzSumo you can gather clear evidence to support your content strategy.

Content discovery done right

Surf the tsunami of content and filter the stories that resonate with audiences, content that is trending, and the stuff that’s about to go intergalactic.

Powerful content insights

Solid strategy starts with statistics. With BuzzSumo you can go deeper into the performance of any type of content and inform your strategy with data.

Key Features

Discover by time period

Find the most shared content in the last 12 months – or the last 24 hours. Get a snapshot of a moment, or analyze changing trends.

Discover by social network

Every network is different. Compare which content resonates most on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Advanced operators

Search like a pro to remove certain words and pinpoint the precise content and metrics you need.

Discover by content type

Explore the differences in performance between content types, such as video and infographics.

Discover by domain

Enter a website address to find the most shared content from that organization.

Discover by author

Find an author’s best work.
Search “author: Mindy McWords” or just click their name.


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