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Influencer Marketing

Boost your campaigns by enrolling the support of influencers who have genuine connections, reach and authority. BuzzSumo helps you identify influencers, evaluate their strengths and assess their value.

Identify influencers to amplify your reach

Filter through millions of accounts in every niche and pinpoint the few influencers who have the power to supercharge your content.

BuzzSumo search tools help you sift out the most active and engaging accounts relevant to your brand.

Who shares?

Got content to boost? BuzzSumo gives you an instant overview of the people who share content like yours.

This means you can spend less time pursuing weak leads and more time building relationships with power-sharers.

Journalist Profiles

Journalists: the original influencers

Media connections matter more than ever

Rapidly identify relevant journalists

Our database of 500,000 journalists means you’ll always be able to find someone that’s interested in your niche.

Prioritize your outreach

See which journalists have the most impact, by viewing the publications they write for and the social engagement data for their latest articles.

Go beyond the obvious

Don’t just aim for the New York Times. Discover journalists who write for local newspapers, magazines or industry publications, and you make the connections that matter for your business.

Create your own black book

Build your outreach list of influential journalists, by saving contact details to Projects and then exporting.

Key Features

Cross-platform search

Scan Instagram, Twitter and YouTube in a heartbeat.

Analyze influencers

Explore influencer’s likes, loves and interests.

Influencer alert

Get notifications when influencers publish content so you can react first.

Export data

Get your geek on and send BuzzSumo data to a CSV or Excel file.


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