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Crisis Alerting

Early warnings give you more time to respond to risks – and opportunities. Create alerts for relevant brands, products and topics so you can respond first.

Get ahead of the news

BuzzSumo continuously crawls the web, scanning for the key terms that are relevant to your business.

Advance warning gives you a chance to respond rapidly when news breaks regarding your brand, competitor, legislation or executives.

Create the alert and we’ll send a notification to your nominated contact instantly.

Clarity in a crisis

Your BuzzSumo dashboards are the simplest way to track breaking news and monitor the effectiveness of your response.

Track coverage, key metrics, top sharers and new developments as they unfold.

Key Features

Reputation risks

Keep an eye on coverage so you know when to respond.

Competitor monitoring

A bad day for them could be a good day for you.

Executive scandals

Some dramas demand a response – even when they’re not your execs.

Critical industry news

Know when the news is big, bad or ugly.


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