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Wellbeing hub

Resources for when you feel over your head and out of your depth

Marketing is all about putting your best foot forward. But, if you can only shout about how great things are, how do you cope when they're not so great? We're putting marketing and workplace wellbeing under the microscope. This is a hub full of expert advice, real life experience, and lessons learned.

The Wellbeing Wall

How do other content marketers up their game, get motivated, or just stay sane?! If you ever find yourself wondering just this, take a look at The Wellbeing Wall for inspiration 👀

“Over time, I realised that I was most motivated (therefore most productive) when there was something to look forward to. I call it micro-rewarding. I've scaled this down to an hourly basis. At the end of each hour, as long as I've hit my goals, I reward myself by upping the stakes as the day goes on.”

Freelance Content Strategist, Unified Comms & Collaboration | Dominic Kent

“Learn to set your boundaries and stick to them. Block time off on your calendar, schedule meetings around them, and please remember to log off. You have a personal life that is just as, if not more important than your work life. Setting and sticking with my boundaries has helped avoid prolonged burnouts and stress.”

Senior Associate, Edelman | Christian McIlwain

“I make sure to read on a wide variety of topics. I read books about health, history, business, technology and personal development – not just content and marketing. I find that keeping a variety of reading materials ensures my ideas stay fresh and, most importantly, I'll never get tired of reading!”

Freelance Fintech Writer & Strategist, Mint Copywriting Studios | Araminta Robertson

“One of the biggest drivers of mental health issues when working in marketing is the need to constantly move forward. Whether you work full time and have a couple of side hustles, or you own your own business, the issues with burnout are real. My best advice would be to ensure you take time to yourself, even if it means winding down side hustles for a short time. Binge watch that show on Netflix, take yourself to the cinema, have a night in with your family. Whatever you need to do to take a break. Marketers are always on nowadays, so it's important we switch off from time to time."”

SEO Specialist, Land of Rugs | Ryan Jones

“If I wake up in a funk on a work day, there are two things that usually help. First of all, I know it sounds counterintuitive, but I DON’T get dressed. I go straight to my desk in my pyjamas and start with the smallest task I can possibly think of, before getting ready for the day. This helps me get into the swing of things, and sometimes even makes me more ✨ ~ productive ~✨. Secondly, I put on music, or (if I’m doing a repetitive admin task) a podcast / radio station. And with those two techniques, I manage to trick myself out of overthinking 😎”

Content Manager, BuzzSumo | Louise Linehan

“Don’t ever be afraid of being the only one to raise your voice with a different opinion. Somebody else could feel the same way but be too nervous to speak up.”

Senior Associate, Edelman | Christian McIlwain