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Video Marketing

Optimize the media in your marketing, research effective video ideas and formats across YouTube to ensure your message resonates.

Ideate, Analyze, Create

Videos are expensive and time consuming to create, take the risk out of a film flop using BuzzSumo’s video marketing features.

Key Benefits

  • Find the best ideas in your niche, answer questions your customers have through video and build content to keywords.

  • Know the formats that work, the length of videos that get the views, the titles that titillate and the best point to hit publish.

Research takes less work than guess work

For any niche, any channel, topic or keyword, we’ll give you insights into the most popular video content. See what your competitors are publishing, where the content gaps are and which channels are worth collaborating with.

Key Benefits

  • Rank by YouTube downvotes to discover disasters you’d best avoid!

  • Compare side-by-side how different topics stack up in terms of views, engagements and audience appreciation. Move forward to creation with confidence in your strategy.

YouTubers for Your Campaign

Quickly understand the growth metrics and content of any channel, collaborate with accounts that share your audience.

Key Benefits

  • View, Video, subscriber and growth metrics all in one place, ready for your research.

  • Filter for the perfect fit. Use our regional and language filters to find a collaboration that maximizes relevance for your audience.

Key Features

Dig into Data

Start the right way by knowing what works.

Build on Wins

Discover what works so you can build on competitors’ success.

Add Ad Intelligence

Know which videos have had a helping hand from paid promotion.

Export Data

Get your geek on and send BuzzSumo data to a CSV or Excel file.


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