The amount of content and information published today is overwhelming. It is simply not possible to read everything that is published. We need filters and one way of filtering content is to view how often it is shared or recommended by other people. Identifying the most shared content in a particular topic area effectively acts like a crowd based filtering system where you trust people to share good content.…

Effective content marketing starts with a content strategy. The content strategy is the stage where you research and plan before taking action to develop your content. It is where you address the big questions such as why and who. To develop an effective content strategy you need insights and to develop insights you require data. Actually to quote Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute you need data, data and more data.…

There has been much debate about the length of content and what performs well in terms of SEO, engagement and social sharing. Readers want short, snappy content, ideally under 140 characters or at most a list, right? Well, actually, wrong. The evidence of 7 recent studies is that long form content is alive, thriving and driving high levels of content performance.…

The future of search has been much debated in recent months. The advent of semantic search, Google’s Hummingbird algorithm and social signals are all focused on finding more relevant content. One way to discover interesting content is by searching for the most shared content across social networks. This crowdsourced approach surfaces content curated by real people who feel the content is valuable enough to share it with their friends and colleagues. …

These are exciting times at BuzzSumo, as we constantly get new ideas on improving our product. We’ve just added two exciting new features that will help you identify influencers amplifying a piece of content, and discover what types of content they love to share. These features are a direct response to requests from our users.

Most of you are currently using BuzzSumo to get insight into popular topics or trends. If you’re a health publication, like Men’s Fitness, you could type “men’s health” to see what type of content resonates with people and what is the most shared content. If you see a lot of popular articles about CrossFit, perhaps you might dedicate more resources writing about CrossFit as well to reach a bigger audience. 

You don’t have to look far to find articles extolling the virtues of social signals and their growing importance. Why should you be interested and what benefits can social signals deliver for your SEO and marketing?…

The discovery or research phase is typically the first phase of any project whether it is a journalist planning an article, an agency planning an SEO campaign or a team developing a content marketing strategy. An SEO campaign or content marketing strategy may have a number of distinct stages such as:

1)     Research phase

2)     Implementation phase

3)     Analysis & review

The insights gathered from the research phase are critical in determining the right strategy and approach. I have set out below some of the typical tasks undertaken during the research phase and how tools like BuzzSumo can support you to gain key insights. …

This week I have been debating the content marketing trends we are likely to see in 2014 with my colleagues and friends. After much heated discussion I think we will see 8 key trends as follows:

  1. An increased focus on content discovery and insights
  2. More insightful content rather than information
  3. Multiple content formats for a multi-channel world
  4. Growth in content that addresses questions
  5. Content marketing that integrates SEO and social media
  6. Increased emphasis on content and author authority
  7. Content marketing technology will become essential
  8. An increased focus on content ROI

A well curated site has many benefits, it doesn’t only make life easier for readers to browse relevant material without hunting across the web, it also helps establish your authority.

What you should aim for is thoughtful leadership. In essence be someone who is well read, seeks the latest information, evaluates and reflects on developments and news. Someone who shares the more valuable content within context and adds their own perspective. In essence a good curator is often a thought leader. According to Forbes a thought leader is:

“an individual or firm that prospects, clients, referral sources, intermediaries and even competitors recognize as one of the foremost authorities in selected areas of specialization, resulting in its being the go-to individual or organization for said expertise.”